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Since I was born 23 years ago, I dream about sneaking into your headphones. That is why since then I have learnt how to sing, play and produce my own tracks,  so that they arrive in the purest way possible to those who need to listen to them. 

In 2015 I moved to London to study music and be able to start doing everything I was doing, but a little better! Now I am back in Spain with an EP out called Attitude, and my single, No More Lies. But that's not all. 


During these past five years I have managed to do a Sold Out in my city, Zaragoza, I went viral by adapting to English the song "Tu Canción" (Eurovision 2018) reaching over 100k views on YouTube, and there has been no pub in London where I haven't sung my vital experiences in the form of songs.

Now I start a new era in Spain, and I look forward with euphoria and enthusiasm at a 2021 where I promise, at least, to make you spend a good time with my music. If you like 5 Seconds of Summer, Yungblud, Paramore or Lauv, I'm convinced we're going to get along!



"I tend to get inspired writing the music first rather than the lyrics of the song and with ‘No More Lies’ it was not an exception: The lyrics came after the sound atmosphere. The first thing I wrote was the chorus and, as it came with so much power, wanted it to be about feminism, the fact of being strong, having self-confidence… The meaning of the song was developed a little after those concepts even though everything can be extrapolated later.

In the end, it is what I say in the song: You need to come with your wounds open, without subterfuges  and that there's no need to get offended by little things because, in the end, we are all humans and we have to learn together. This is how the meaning and lyrics were born and together with the music, with that build up, I believe the whole concept impacts more, it reinforces itself."

- Marina





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